Online Therapy

For some people, online counselling or e-therapy can be a good alternative to face to face sessions. It might be that the idea of meeting face to face doesn’t feel right. It might be that you live in a different area, you would struggle to attend face to face appointments or that you would prefer to arrange your therapy around your other commitments.

Online therapy offers you same confidential support as face to face sessions, however it can be done from wherever you are online (at home, abroad, etc). It is an exciting but less ‘traditional’ type of therapy and so I am aware you may have many questions to ask about security, logistics or whether it is appropriate for you. If you do, just get in touch and ask me, I really don’t mind!

I offer two types of online counselling: email sessions and ‘instant chat’ sessions (via skype).

Email Sessions

With email sessions, the idea is that each week I will take an hour (your slot) and respond to your message(s) with a therapeutic email. I charge the same rate for my therapeutic emails as I do for a face to face session, as I believe they both have equal worth and value. However, one advantage of email sessions is that you can revisit the email in between each session and also after the sessions have ended.

If you would like to begin some email sessions together, the first steps will be for me to send you a form to complete, which will also outline some more information about how email sessions work and some internet security safety measures for us to consider. We can then decide together if we both feel email sessions are something that would be useful for you.

(Please note, if at this stage, or any other time during the sessions, you want to ask me some questions, please feel free to get in touch – there is no charge for any queries about the suitability of online therapy or questions around the practicalities of email sessions.)

Instant Chat Sessions

Instant Chat sessions are probably the middle ground between face to face sessions and email/online counselling. Like face to face counselling, we would arrange to meet at the same time each week for 50 minutes.

However, rather than meeting, we would either ‘chat’ by typing messages to each other, or we would meet through video call depending on your preference. (For some people one of the benefits of having therapy online is that is gives them a bit more anonymity and this can help them to overcome concerns they have about talking things through face to face).

To arrange a time to meet, we would both need to exchange a few emails and get ourselves in contact on Skype. (Skype is free to download from the internet, easy to install and set up, free of adware / malware / spyware etc. and, most importantly, is confidential).

Please note, if you want to book a chat session I will need a few days notice to allow me to ensure there is a suitable appointment in my diary.